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If you or someone you love is bedridden, the AgileLife Patient 

Transfer and Movement System (PTS) can help.

For most of us, getting out of bed is a simple and almost automatic activity. But if you are one of the millions of Americans who can’t get out of bed on their own, this simple task is a major barrier to living a satisfying life.

NEXT HEALTH now offers the AgileLife Patient Transfer and Movement System, “PTS” an automated, no lift patient transfer and mobility system. The AgileLife patient transfer system helps people who are bedridden  move in and out of bed easily, safely and quickly. For caregivers, AgileLife automates patient transfer to and from a hospital bed into a wheelchair docked at the foot of the bed.

The core product is an integration of several assistive devices that addresses all of the challenges of safe patient handling. In both the home and institutional setting, the AgileLife patient transfer system virtually eliminates risk of patient falls and can reduce the development of decubitus ulcers (bed sores) through increased patient mobility. The AgileLife patient transfer system is the only true “no Lift” device that can reduce nursing injury due to musculoskeletal strain. 

Disabled individuals regain their dignity and independence; family burden is reduced without resorting to nursing home care or exorbitant in-home hourly expense; caregivers can save time and avoid career threatening injuries; and insurers save money as a result of improved patient and caregiver outcomes.  Few technologies hold so much promise to so many throughout the healthcare system.

At NEXT HEALTH we are committed to creating and delivering an integrated technology and services portfolio that “Simply Transforms Caregiving”.

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